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USA Enterprises, LLC

Building Customer First Brands

USA Enterprises designs manufactures and distributes a select group of innovative products designed to add value to consumers’ daily lives. Every USA Enterprises  products associate abides by the “P.I.P.” principle – Passion, Integrity and Performance. This shared belief, combined with an absolute focus on the customer, is central to USA’s objective of being a leader in every market served.

Our Brands

Bellemain Products Logo

French for “beautiful hands”, the Bellemain name represents the very best in kitchen tools and products at exceptional values. Our products aren’t just crafted with the intent of filling your cupboard – they’re built with passion and craftsmanship. Prior to designing our collections, we research and curate the most popular and innovative products in the market, then diligently craft in our own design and innovation, to create the ultimate in style and function.

Epica Products Logo 2

Epica’s mission from day one has been to equip homes with products that improve the wellbeing of the people who live in them.Today Epica has grown into a brand recognized for superior quality, innovative function and competitive pricing. Outstanding customer service is also a major factor in Epica’s success story. We make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of both our distributors and our end consumers. 

Dr. Kay's Products Logo

The Dr. Kay’s brand has establishing itself as a trusted name for customers and retailers alike, providing a unique selection of products. We develop health and wellness related items that positively impact the way our customers live their lives. Over the years the Dr. Kay’s product line has expanded to include tens of items across basically every retail category. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for personal massage, stress relief, medical equipment, health aids, and more!

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